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R Systems’ technology services and solutions make healthcare operations simpler for healthcare professionals. We help healthcare providers apply, manage, and use technology that simplifies caregiver workloads resulting in efficient and effective care delivery. We also help them smoothen post-reform healthcare adherence and manage the supporting application system environment.

• Application Design and Development of Practice Management System (PMS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR)

for Small Practices, Group Practices, Hospitals Health Systems.
Our healthcare applications are both scalable and robust. With our extensive healthcare domain expertise and globally certified standards (CMMI Level 5, Six Sigma, ITIL, ISO) we reduce the time-to-market and total cost of ownership.

• EMR Optimization and Legacy Modernization

Legacy systems can restrain growth because they might lack the needed flexibility and scalability to adapt to new technologies. We have right tools to recognize inefficiencies and redundant applications. We examine carefully and determine what options are available to improve and redesign your existing system. We take into account the number of users, application usage, and complexity of applications in a portfolio catering to same business function. Based on our study, we suggest whether a particular application has to be maintained, renovated or eliminated. This suggestions ultimately helps to lower Total Cost of Ownership.

• Interoperability Testing

R Systems’ Healthcare Testing Practice ensures steady compliance with government regulations benefiting in speedy product releases. Our rich experience across the healthcare payer and provider value chain helps in conceiving integrated solutions that increment operational functionality, customer satisfaction, reduce risks, and lower total cost of ownership. We carry out testing conformance to interoperability standards (e.g., DICOM, HL7, CCD/CDA) by using industry standard testing tools and practices:

• RIS & PACS Integration

We help you achieve the interoperability required in your systems whether you are looking for integrating RIS and PACS from different vendors or integrating your HIS with RIS/PACS. We streamline radiology workflow, support radiologist productivity, and quicken patient report turnaround time.

• Customer Relationship Management

CRM plays a critical role in providing responsive care by connecting patients and processes. R Systems' industry-centric CRM solutions enable healthcare organizations to align themselves to rapid developments in the sector, as well as, build loyalty and trust. Patient and Physician CRM are vital to the ever changing ecosystem of healthcare Provider.

• ICD-10 Transition - Consulting and Implementation Services

More specific ICD 10 codes will result in a more effective capture of healthcare information and greatly improve quality of care. The transition to ICD-10 presents significant challenges throughout healthcare organizations. If not properly implemented, conversion to ICD-10 can have an adverse impact on clinical and financial performance.
Three-Stage method to effective ICD-10 implementation
Phase 1: Assessment and planning
The ICD-10 journey begins with enterprise-wide information gathering and a comprehensive study of the operations, systems, and Processes that will be impacted, including clinical, coding, physician and revenue cycle.
Phase 2: Implementation
We provide overall PMO and project management services to smoothly implement ICD 10.Our Technical experts update the field level details to accommodate the increase in length of ICD 10, mapping the ICD9 to ICD 10 using the 10 to 9 GEM mappings from Federal CMS.
Update the California Children's Services (CCS) / Genetically Handicapped Persons Program (GHPP) eligible codes using the ICD 9 to ICD 10 mappings as per requirement.
Convert Medical Therapy program records to utilize either ICD 9 or ICD 10 depending on the program dates
Phase 3: Monitoring and post-implementation support
Post ICD-10 implementation, our experts continue to deliver coder, physician and staff education and training. We execute post-implementation financial impact analyses, update the risk and monitoring plan, and support accounts receivable, billing, and collection backlog activity as needed.

• Healthcare Integration and Interface Development

One of the challenges in healthcare ecosystem is integrating disparate system and ensuring a seamless flow of information. R Systems has capability executing HL7’s Version 2, Version 3, and CDA interface development project. R System has the right composite of healthcare domain and technology proficiency to achieve client satisfaction.
HL7 V2.X
We have accomplished numerous healthcare integration projects. We have custom-built several interface projects developing HL7 V2.X for our clients. We have implemented several message types including ADT –Admit Discharge Transfer, SIU – Scheduling Information Unsolicited, ORM– Order, ORU –Observation Result, QRY– Query, MFN – Master File Notification, RAS – Pharmacy/Treatment Administration, ACK– Acknowledgement.
HL7 V3.0 and CDA
R systems support the transformation from version 2.x to version 3.0 or integrating Clinical Document Architecture based messaging across providers and Healthcare Information Exchange.
HL7 Interface Engines
We have the competency to integrate disparate healthcare systems. We have experts in open source and trademarked interface engines, including Microsoft HL7 BizTalk, Accelerator, Mirth Connect, Cloverleaf, and Interfaceware IGUANA™
Clinical Systems Integration
Building interfaces with Third party applications (e.g., Allscripts, EPIC, Cerner, MEDITECH, McKesson,) for Hospital, Pharmacy and Diagnostic Labs.

• Clinical and Business Intelligence

R system has proven experience in sevarl data integration projects and development of several dashboard and report.
R System offers onsite resources to support and supplement your existing team or turnkey fixed price outsourced engagement or on-demand ad-hoc report development services.
• Providing data governance methodology and support
• Integrating all of your Epic and non-Epic data
• Delivering clinically integrated insights
• Generating a holistic view of your patient population
• Providing dashboards and reports to improve physician performance and patient outcomes
Analytics Helps C-Level Executives to understand the pulse of the organization, we help to develop several dashboard.
For smooth operations, it is important to Monitor Patient Satisfaction, Improve areas with higher wait time, Improve the efficiency of care and improved utilization of resources. This can be done through an unified view giving view of:
• Patient and Family Experience
• Average length of stay
• Admissions/procedures by various services
• Waiting time
For robust and streamlined financials, it is vital to improve Payer contract and re negotiation, Optimize utilization of the Inventory and Efficient supply chain management. This can be done through a unified view giving view of:
• Days in accounts receivable
• Inpatient cost per discharge
• Inventory cost per adjusted discharge
• Cash position of the organization
For high and consistent quality, it is very important to reduce adverse events and unplanned admissions; improve in quality of care and drill down on factors that need immediate corrective action. This can be done through a unified view giving view of:
• Adverse Drug Event Report
• Mortality Rate Report
• Overall Nosocomial Infection Rate
• Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Rate

Case Studies

Integrated Electronic Health Record for a reputed Private Healthcare Service Provider in UK

Implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems in hospitals and outpatient clinics is on a fast-track. EHRs is essential for high-quality and safe patient care. R System assist you in responding the challenges of integration and implementation of EHRs